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Another couple of postcards are on their way ...

Over in the 41 Days of Metallicar celebration happening over in alias_chick  journal, the wonderful fueschgast  created a marvelous illustration for the return of the Impala's missing spotlights, which both she and I have used on postcards to the studio. Mine used the silly 100-word drabble I wrote from Dean's POV back on Day Three as the back text, and credited fueschgast  for this art:


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Sent my next 4 postcards today...and that's me for awhile or they will think I am some kind of crazy stalker :-)

Used an awesome piece of art by loco-lobo. Very cool! I kept it simple loco so I hope it's ok?

Full size ==>

Need you guys to send you mail and letters in from now...lets get the girls bright, shiny baubles back for her :-)

Failed Postcard, attempting to recycle usefully.

All right, I started this graphic trying to make a postcard but I kind of got sidetracked and it looks like crap at what I think is postcard size, so I need to start over sometime when I'm not going 15 directions at once and can figure out the whole 'turn it into a postcard' thing works with something completely different that works better at that size. Also maybe something less aggressive. :-/

In the meantime, I'm using this to kind of pimp the comm... Anyone wants to use it in userinfo or whatever, go for it.

Biggish graphic at my LJ
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Hi, just to kick off this is the first card I have made (forgive my lack of graphic skills). I printed off 4 and sent one to each address and one each to Kim Manners and Bobby Singer [the Producer, not the scrap metallist :-)]

This is a thumbnail version of it.

If anyone else would like to use it feel free. The link to the image is here

Art Resources

I don't have many skills as far as graphics go (I already saw the couple awesome postcards posted) But I thought I'd try to help out some. I was completely caught off guard when I realized the spotlights were gone! And IMO there wasn't a shot (in the episode they were removed for) that justified or needed them to be removed. And honestly I'm surprised Kripke would let them do it.

But ANYWAYS lol I'm a major Impala fangirl (seriously, she has her own folder on my computer) and a grease monkey to the bone (I have my own babies, a 87 Monte Carlo and 78 Van) so I put together a lil zip folder of some Metallicar pics/screencaps that show off the spotlights...hopefully it'll help someone out (I only managed to find one good shot of them actually USING the light in Hookman, which was the only time they ever did) some special extras under the cut ;)

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A couple vaguely applicable icons

Heya! Thanks for starting the comm! Here's a couple rather old, simple and general "don't mess with the car" icons I've had lurking in my LJ scrapbook since I'm not certain when:
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Re-posting here in case they might be of use to anyone. ;-)

ETA: Eek. Just realised these don't exactly fit with the 'soft words and gentle smiles' thing. Let me know if this post is inappropriate and I'll remove it. :-/
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The Lessons about the meaning of the Metallicar should be administered by soft voices and gentle smiles :-)

Addresses to send postcards to .... start sending now...

Please Return Our Spotlights c\o
Supernatural Films Inc.
8085 Glenwood Drive
Burnaby, B.C.
V3N 5C8

and because he is the big kahuana (Creator, Writer, and Executive Producer:)

Please Return Our Spotlights c\o
Eric Kripke
9465 Wilshire Blvd
Suite 880
Beverly Hills, California 90212

Post pic's of your postcards to the comm. We'd love to see them.
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See Spot Run. Run, Spot, Run.

Before certain people get strung up by their toenails or their cars egged or whatever, let's remember something: that it doesn't really matter. ---> What matters is getting a campaign of polite requests sent to Vancouver to have them returned to the car, if at all possible. I would say that there is no benefit in waiting. Someone will get the mail, even during the break, and this will show them how fast the fans noticed.

The consensus seems to be to create postcards for the office wall from a screencap that features the spotlights. But the devil is in the details, so they say! So, how about:

1. Draw a small red heart around each one. The more memorable the moment in the cap is, the better, to show them how often the "Face" of the Impala is used to make a good shot in a scene. Think the end of Very SPN Xmas, the lake scene in Hunted and Croatoan, the pan up the car all fixed in Bloodlust... you know.

2. Clone them out of a popular picture, like the set picture from CSPWDT, or replace them with something else silly, like rubber duckies. Maybe some text... 'my car is naked!'

3. Manip the scene in Red Sky at Morning into a paneled cartoon so that Dean is freaking out that the spotlights are gone.

4. Caption the Ghostfacers scene with Sam and his dinky flashlight so that we noticed that now they ARE HICKS and NOT COPS, because the lights are gone. (The crew knows that the lights came on the original Impala which was - believe it or not - a police car in other productions, so they'll get it.)

What else? :)