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It's a lid and it's black.

See Spot Run. Run, Spot, Run.

Before certain people get strung up by their toenails or their cars egged or whatever, let's remember something: that it doesn't really matter. ---> What matters is getting a campaign of polite requests sent to Vancouver to have them returned to the car, if at all possible. I would say that there is no benefit in waiting. Someone will get the mail, even during the break, and this will show them how fast the fans noticed.

The consensus seems to be to create postcards for the office wall from a screencap that features the spotlights. But the devil is in the details, so they say! So, how about:

1. Draw a small red heart around each one. The more memorable the moment in the cap is, the better, to show them how often the "Face" of the Impala is used to make a good shot in a scene. Think the end of Very SPN Xmas, the lake scene in Hunted and Croatoan, the pan up the car all fixed in Bloodlust... you know.

2. Clone them out of a popular picture, like the set picture from CSPWDT, or replace them with something else silly, like rubber duckies. Maybe some text... 'my car is naked!'

3. Manip the scene in Red Sky at Morning into a paneled cartoon so that Dean is freaking out that the spotlights are gone.

4. Caption the Ghostfacers scene with Sam and his dinky flashlight so that we noticed that now they ARE HICKS and NOT COPS, because the lights are gone. (The crew knows that the lights came on the original Impala which was - believe it or not - a police car in other productions, so they'll get it.)

What else? :)
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